nature first event agency

nature first event agency

nature first event agency

For brands & organisations who want to have their community fundamentally feel what their purpose and proposition is, Creative Composers brings your imagination to life. 

We design, develop and do. We compose soulful spatial design, captivating campaigns, installations, and exhibition features all over the globe. We do this Nature First.



An idea, we listen, we feel. We play with our creativity and imagination. We create and design concepts.

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We are a passionate team, armed with a recycling formula that empowers us to craft practical concepts, designs, and productions that align more closely with the needs of our precious planet. It’s a mission that fuels our happiness and sense of purpose every single day.



An abstract idea evolves into a tangible design. Production starts at our studio and continues on location. We execute concepts and make special products according to our designs.

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Nature First,
it’s the only way for us. 

Nature First is being Nature-conscious which means putting your foot down where it concerns the environment.  It is also ‘samasama’, being people and self-concious, love for yourself and one another. These two fundamentally drive us, Nature First.

We're addicted to repurposing

That's why we repurpose materials as much as possible, even if it means spending more money and time. We love making something new out of discarded objects and other waste streams. We'll only purchase something from a store if there's absolutely no other option. But it’s more than that.

Nature-consciousness is in our DNA, it’s an ethos. And believe it or not, it’s also about having fun. We challenge the idea that nature-conscious decisions are hard to take. Rather, they make us more and more creative and experience a deeper sense of fulfillment from our actions. Our goal is to contribute to a world where nature and people exist in harmony.

Feel, love, create 

Nature-First is about opening up. To change, to new ideas, to one another, It is our nature to take care of each other, samasama. This is how we plant the seeds from which we will grow. While getting the good story across.


‘samasama’, being people and self-conscious, love for yourself and one another.

‘sama sama’ , what originated as a family tradition of  really celebrating coming together physically, emotionally, spiritually, evolved organically through nature, our team and the knowledge of ancient civilizations into what is now known as ‘sama sama’.  It is our individual and collective spirit. 


It is what connects us all and what we celebrate together, ’sama sama’.

When saying, singing or chanting sama sama we are celebrating the love we have for each other and love for ourselves. What we are saying is, I am you, you are me, everything is equal. 

We acknowledge each and all our differences as part of who we are and celebrate what we all share, in this moment, in the now. It is the celebration of living life together in the now, being proud of ourselves and each other.

'sama sama'

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